Online Payment

Thank you for choosing to use the online payment system. Please fill in the short form, which will take you to the payment portal from which you can choose the most efficient option for you. We ask that you ensure that you use either your quotation number or your invoice number in the reference, so that we can track your payment efficiently and effectively.

Please note that the bank charges will be taken from your deposit on arrival at the office, if they haven’t been added to your invoice on payment.

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If you have any challenges making a payment don’t hesitate to email us or call us on any of the following numbers: +263 9230306 or +263774661114 or email or send a message to Facebook.


Credit card (Powered by Stripe): The charge is 1.4% + 25p for all European Cards, and 2.9% + 25p for all Non-European Cards.  This is not on your invoice and will be deducted from your deposit when you arrive to collect the car.