Full Insurance

Zimbabwe Car Hire has negotiated the very best insurance cover for the vehicles in our fleet. To give you peace of mind you should know that all the vehicles we rent are comprehensively covered. It is our practice to insure the vehicle not designated drivers, which means so long as you register with us “who” will be driving the rental vehicle, we will not charge you any more for each driver!

In the unlikely event you have an accident or worse the hired car is stolen through no fault of your own, you will be liable for 5% of the insured value of the vehicle, or 15% of any repairs made to the vehicle.

If the windscreen needs to be replaced, then you will only be charged one third the cost to replace it. Many people want to know if they can “buy excess” and many other services offered by other insurance companies, to reduce their “excess”, or “damage waivers”, “windscreen cover”, and many other possibilities. At Zimbabwe Car Hire we have negotiated the very lowest cost of insurance possible, with the maximum cover for our clients. We actually have a much more comprehensive agreement for Hire cars than you may find elsewhere. Our motto is “Affordable Freedom” and don’t see why you the client should pay more to hire a car. Therefore we keep daily hire charges down. Zimbabwe Car Hire wants to keep things simple, while offering you great service and peace of mind.

International Clients

If you are an international guest to Zimbabwe, and you want additional cover on top of what we offer, we recommend you approach your own broker in your country for international vehicle rentals (make sure it covers Zimbabwe), some of these brokers offer additional cover should you want it. You can find many of them online.

Our team at Zimbabwe Car Hire have information available and can talk you through any insurance queries you have. Please do call us or send us an email.