About us

Our Mission

Zimbabwe Car Hire was started out of a desire to solve our personal frustration with never having enough vehicles for all the visitors coming to Zimbabwe on holiday.  

Our passion is to build a business that can be a sustainable income stream for Family Impact

These factors motivated the development of this small, personal and dynamic business.

Get the car you need
Affordable car hire driven by a passion for family

So in 2012, Zimbabwe Car Hire was born, based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We are a small company with big ideas. Corporate social responsibility is the motivation for our company. Donating a percentage of our profits to the development of families in Zimbabwe and beyond into Africa. Zimbabwe Car Hire is a proud supporter of Family Impact.

Giving back

Zimbabwe Car Hire believes that a sustainable business is the opportunity for Zimbabweans to transform communities. By participating in this business we welcome your participation in supporting and transforming the lives of families throughout Zimbabwe: giving them the knowledge and access to skills to live life to the fullest.

Visiting Zimbabwe and hiring a car

Zimbabwe Car Hire is well known for its personal service, and bending over backwards to help each client get the most from their car hire, and even their visit to Zimbabwe. 

Zimbabwe Car Hire aims to make vehicle hire in Africa reachable for every tourist, and accessible to local companies looking for an affordable alternative to fleet management. Zimbabwe Car Hire is a “second-hand” car hire company operating out of Bulawayo Zimbabwe; all vehicles are older than 5 years but kept to an excellent condition to provide you with the affordable freedom you desire.